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To supply External RGBW Inground lights

The Titanic Signature Building is one of Ireland’s, if not Europe’s most recognised land marks so when Alumina Lighting was asked by Geoghegan Electrical to get involved in upgrading the ground lights that light up the main facades from normal metal halide lighting to full colour changing luminaires we jump at the chance, however this project bought its challenges as we needed to supply 64 x 60watt inground RGBW up lights that could reach over 26m to the highest point of the façade, to be controlled via DMX without having to rewire a full dimming control. Alumina proposed a ArtNet system that sends the DMX signal through the mains cable back to the main control room giving the customer the full control needed, with spectacular results this project really gave this iconic building a new look.

Project Brief


Project Overview

Titanic Signature Building

Titanic Signature Building

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